Monday, October 17, 2016

Mental Health Awareness month.

Hi intelligent readers of my blog! (If you are reading this, congratulations. It's not everyday people call you intelligent, right? *wink* )

It's been more than 2 years since I last updated this lovely field of thoughts. It has been a great and wonderful break.. from blogging.  I really do miss chattering away here... But you know what.. I suppose I have to be really careful on what I write nowadays.. Us Malaysians just loooove to viral everything under the sun.  Even when they don't understand the issue/ don't know the authenticity.. but we just have to say what we think is right, huh? Especially when everyone else is also talking about it..  Perhaps, we do have a certain level of mental instability in each and everyone of us? This urge to be connected through sharing everything and commenting on every single post?

Don't let me start on all the pseudo-doctors, pseudo-ustaz, pseudo-motivators.. and endless list of conman that our people are so proud to back, protect and sadly.. emulate.. It seems now, as long as you have money (lots of money!).. you are excused from EVERY THING!. Even lying becomes a virtue.

"Ko apa ada? Sekurang2nya dia tu jutawan!" Urgh.. hark ptui!
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If you still didn't know, October is mental health awareness month for Malaysia and here are some useful tips for us all:

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